About US

Next Generation Youth and Family Services, Inc. was founded in Arizona, in 2016, with the goal of providing healthy guidance and a helping hand to those in need. Next Generation has many services and programs to offer youth and families across the Grand Canyon state. We offer structured programs and individual goal setting for youth and families to be successful in the home, in the community, and in their personal lives. Much relief, self-improvement, self-empowerment and independence can be obtained through these services and programs. 

We recognize the needs unique to each individual with behavioral, mental and medical challenges who enters our program. Unconditional care and support by qualified staff with a positive, strengths-based approach is what you can expect from us. To provide the highest quality of care and achieve intended treatment and support outcomes, Next Generation offers the ability to provide services in the most natural setting and environment appropriate for each individual’s success. Our Outpatient Treatment Center and our Residential Facilities provide a therapeutic and stable setting for individuals to receive help with working on their goals and treatment plans determined by the Child and Family Team. 

By focusing on and addressing the individual's personal goals and equipping the youth and family with an assortment of tools like coping skills, mental/physical health techniques, communication skills, community resource utilization and more, we can expect positive outcomes in quality of life and an added benefit of positive effects on the community of Arizona.

Our Team

Image by NEXT Academy